11 ‘On the Go’ Cannabis Accessories

Take 420 with you wherever, whenever.

You won’t always have the luxury of enjoying your cannabis in the comfort of your home, but unfortunately it’s not always easy to transport your favourite 12” bong with you wherever you go. The good news is that you have many products to choose from that make partaking on the go much more convenient. Here’s our roundup of some majorly portable accessories that make great gifts for yourself or the cannabis lover in your life who can’t sit still.

1. Red Eye Glass Sparkle Liquid One-Hitter

One-hitters are no-brainers when it comes to toking on the go. This little looker makes it easy because it fits in any size of pocket or purse, and you can choose from several colours to match your outfit of the day.

2. Anodized Metal & Rubber Sneak-A-Toke

You never know when the mood will strike to sneak a toke, and this teeny tiny pipe can ride along wherever your adventures take you.

3. Click-A-Toke Self-Lighting Pipe

Cannabis accessories that do more than one job are especially travel-friendly and this self-lighting pipe is the perfect example. You’ll always be able to enjoy some flower… even when you forget your lighter in your other pants.

4. Entwood Dugout with Bat

Transporting a one-hitter pipe in your pocket can get messy… that’s where the dugout comes in. This beautiful wood dugout holds a one-hitter pipe (aka bat) inside, and provides storage space for your flower. It’s the perfect travel buddy!

5. Lipstick Pipe

This pretty little hand pipe looks like something you probably already have in your bag, which makes it super easy to sneak into music festivals or anywhere else you want to take off for a nice little day trip. Toss it in there with your wallet and house keys and you’re good to go!

6. Smokit Portable Smoking Kit

This compact kit includes a multi-hitter pipe, custom molded scooper tool for pipe cleaning, removable grinder card and removable silicone container. Just add flower and you’re good to go!

7. Doob Tubes

If you’re a fan of consuming your cannabis in joints or spliffs, you need something to protect them so they don’t squish in your pocket during transport… bonus points if the container also minimizes any lingering scents. Doob Tubes to the rescue!

8. Ryot 6” Slym Case with Smellsafe Technology

Whether you’re transporting a glass hand pipe or other smoking accessories, this high-tech case provides durable protection against the elements. It’s also made with smell-proof technology that locks in odours for discrete transportation.

9. Flowermate V5 Nano Vaporizer

A small, sleek vaporizer makes a great travel mate for cannabis lovers. This sleek little number comes in three colour options with all the accessories you need to vaporize anywhere.

10. The Twisty Mini Glass Blunt

When you’re on the road you don’t always have time to roll up a real blunt. You can get a similar smooth-smoking experience in half the time with this glass version. Simply pack it and smoke. The cylinder inside guarantees a smooth hit every time. (Just be sure to stay off the road after.)

Lit Silicone Mushroom Hand Pipe with Glass Bowl (#TS117RB)
Lit Silicone Mushroom Hand Pipe with Glass Bowl (#TS117RB)

11. Lit Silicone Hand Pipes

Last but not least, our Lit Silicone hand pipes are the #1 bestseller for portable cannabis enjoyment because they’re super light and durable. Plus, they come in really fun designs, like an ice cream cone, hammerhead shark, and mushroom—perfect for sparking up conversations with strangers and making new friends.

What are your favourite accessories for enjoying cannabis on the go?
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