2023 420 Gift Guide

West Coast Gifts is your one-stop shop for an epic 420 celebration.

Bongs, concentrate rigs, hand pipes, vaporizers, and tons of other smoking accessories highlight this must-have list of cannabis consumption products.

Browse a selection of best-selling favourites to take your 420 to the next level!

Red Eye Tek®

Revolution Collection

The Revolution Collection from Red Eye Tek® features an ultra-durable 7mm thick design, synth wave-inspired decals, and the never-before-seen Revolution Pull-Out. Preload your smoke sesh or enjoy a variety of fresh strains in every bowl with this patent-pending new technology.

Cheech & Chong® Glass

6″ Labrador Hand Pipe in Collectible Tin (Limited Edition)

Designed after the famous joint itself, this hand pipe is mostly Maui Waui, but it’s got some Labrador in it! Find this iconic piece of Cheech & Chong history available in a limited edition Cheech & Chong® Glass Collectible Tin. You’ll think you’re still moving when you’re actually parked!

Cheech & Chong® Glass

5.5″ Dave’s Not Here, Man Sherlock Hand Pipe in Collectible Tin (Limited Edition)

Who is it? It’s Dave, man! Now open up, I got the stuff including the Dave’s Not Here, Man Hand Pipe from Cheech & Chong® Glass. Find it available now in a limited edition Cheech & Chong® Glass Collectible Tin. It’s Dave, man, D-A-V-E!

Red Eye Glass®

14mm Big Leaf Pull-Out

The 14mm Big Leaf Pull-Out from Red Eye Glass® includes a custom leaf design with an elongated leaf for a handle. Each one is handmade from 100% borosilicate glass for increased durability and is available in a variety of different colours. Check them out today!


Classic Rolling Papers (Display of 24)

Check out these classic rolling papers from RAW®, the worldwide leader in rolling papers. Natural, unrefined, and available now through West Coast Gifts!


Transparent SLIM 510 Battery

Inspired by the classic look and feel of transparent 90’s electronics, the Transparent Slim 510 Battery will give any sesh that nostalgic feel. Complete with a flex temp and a double-tap preheat mode, this battery fits any 510-thread cartridge. Pick between three different power settings and easily recharge with a USB-C port and charging cable included.

Purple Rose Supply

CannaMold Small Kit

A CannaMold cannabis cigar provides an elevated smoking experience with a slow-burning, full-flavoured roll that lasts for hours. The Bamboo Skewers are added to the mold before you begin packing to create an airflow, which makes smoking a lot smoother. Start creating prerolls for you and your friends today!

GEAR Premium®

15″ Stemless Dual Chamber Recycler Water Pipe

Double the chambers, double the smoking power. The Stemless Dual Chamber Recycler Water Pipe from GEAR Premium® uses its 15″ height to full advantage with a built-in UFO perc and a dual-chambered recycler design to deliver clean hits and big clouds. Find this stemless favourite in several colours and take your smoke sesh to new highs!

Red Eye Tek®

8.5″ Metallic Terminator Finish Aorta Concentrate Recycler

This meticulously designed contraption should be the 9th wonder of the world with its beautiful curves reminiscent of your cardiovascular system and really, it’s just as sophisticated because it features a matrix perc for optimal filtration.


PAX Plus Vaporizer

The PAX Plus Vaporizer creates an unforgettable vaping experience for both flower and concentrate users. The portable design features a removable 3D oven screen for easy cleaning and four Experience heating modes including Stealth, Efficiency, Flavour, and Boost. Each vaporizer also comes with two oven lids (Standard and Half-Pack) to adjust your bowl size, and a concentrate insert to switch up your session on the fly. Experience the PAX Plus Vaporizer today!


Kompact Gravity Infuser

The Kompact Gravity Infuser features the same patented 360° gravity system, dynamic design, and immersive experience as the original, now available in a more refined, portable size that includes a custom-fit travel case. Coming in at just under a foot tall, the Kompact is exactly what you need to enjoy the benefits of Stündenglass in an easy-to-handle package. The smaller globes hold about two-thirds of the volume, or two cups, compared to the full size, which creates cooler and faster pulls.


Proxy Desert Vaporizer

The Proxy Desert from Puffco is a portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. Cannabis tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s unique removable base, allowing you to customize your experience. Powered by cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology, the Proxy has four precision heated temperature settings for the most flavorful experience and vapour production.

GEAR Premium®

14mm Ash Catcher

Upgrade your water pipe with a 14mm Ash Catcher from GEAR Premium®. This handy attachment will prevent ash from ending up in your bong and reward you with a smooth-tasting hit for your efforts. Take advantage of this premium showerhead perc design and try one today!

Red Eye Glass®

Red Eye Glass® Instant Cleaner

Shake the bottle to make sure the abrasives are suspended in the liquid. Pour the desired amount into your bong. Do not add water. Shake vigorously until clean. Rinse thoroughly with water. Alternatively, you can place small items like hand pipes, pull-outs & downstems in a zip-lock bag. Soak for 5 minutes and then shake vigorously until clean. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Smoke Odor Exterminator

13oz Hippie Love Candle

Hippie Love embraces you with a sweet, entrancing, and fragrant combination of tropical fruits with just a hint of spice, watermelon, and tropical fruit punch. Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles are great for cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. The enzyme-formulated candle attacks and removes smoke odors while burning for approximately 70 hours, making these fragrant candles wonderful gifts, even for non-smokers!