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West Coast Gifts is North America’s largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of award winning glass pipes, vaporizers and smoking accessories for the cannabis connoisseur. We offer over 7,000 products at competitive prices with speedy shipping and superior customer service.

Our Story

Spiritual likeness of our founder and CEO, 'H' (not actual likeness)

Our Story

Our company was founded by several young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to get into the cannabis industry just a couple of years ago. Just kidding.

Our story is a little more interesting than that (no offence to all the cannabros out there). Basically, we owe our existence to the godfather of colour changing glass pipes. It all started from the imagination of a Dead Head we affectionately refer to as ‘H’.


  • 1991

    Howard ‘H’ Franklin starts following the Grateful Dead on tour with other devoted fans and selling t-shirts and stickers to pay his way.
  • 1992

    During his travels, H is captivated by a magical glass pipe that changes colour. He tries his hand at making them and sells them under the name Chameleon Glass—the first branded colour changing glass pipes in the world!
  • 1994

    H releases his first Chameleon Glass catalogue, the earliest iteration of things to come for this industrious travelling salesman.
  • 1995

    Jerry Garcia passes on to that billowing cloud of smoke in the sky, leaving H and legions of Dead Heads heartbroken.
  • 2002

    While on vacation in Amsterdam, H falls in love with a Canadian, sells his Chameleon Glass business and moves to Vancouver.
  • 2003

    H finds his community on Vancouver’s famous Wreck Beach, where he starts to rekindle his pipe dreams. He decides to call his new glass pipe company Red Eye Glass®.
  • 2004

    H continues to expand his glass pipe offerings to include an innovative new product line called GEAR Premium®—the first scientific glass pipe brand in Canada. Weed geeks everywhere rejoice.
  • 2006

    After an unsuccessful attempt to get a bank loan for his business, H finds a creative way to get financing—by starting an online gift shop called West Coast Gifts.
  • 2011

    West Coast Gifts is such a hit with the glass pipe crowd, H moves his growing business to a 20,000 square foot warehouse.
  • 2012

    The West Coast Gifts catalogue expands even further to include the Red Eye Tek® Collection.
  • 2014

    Two of the greatest legends in the game approve of H’s business savvy and Cheech & Chong® Glass officially joins the family.
  • 2019

    With a booming business that’s picking up steam as cannabis is legalized in more places, H is still fulfilling his dreams of changing the world one colour changing glass pipe at a time.
  • 2021

    Canadian comedy troupe, The Kids in the Hall™, officially partners with West Coast Gifts to release one of many exclusive collections. Cabbage heads, unite!
  • 2022

    U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issues H a patent for his innovative water pipe with an integrated lighter receptacle sold and marketed under the GEAR Premium® Sidekick brand.
  • 2023

    West Coast Gifts celebrates its 20 year anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun!

Our Brands

We carry over 30 different product lines, but our eight house brands have a special place in our hearts. We’re so proud of our babies… they grow up so fast!

  • wcg_website_brand_reg
    Our original house brand since 2003, Red Eye Glass® continues to be a source of creative collaboration. Classic with a twist of tie-dye, this collection always provides a high-quality experience that honours our colourful history.
  • wcg-red-eye-yek1892
    Red Eye Tek® is our premium collection of water pipes and oil rigs developed in a top-secret underground lab using classified technology. It’s everything on the advanced cannabis enthusiast’s must-have list.
  • cheech_chong_963
    This collection pays homage to the roots of cannabis culture with a nod to two of the most beloved pioneers in the game (and their licensed trademark of course). Smoke with the originals, smoke with Cheech & Chong® Glass!
  • gear-premium0390
    The self-driving sports car fleet of cannabis vessels, our GEAR Premium® line represents the pinnacle of expertly engineered water pipes and oil rigs that inspire people to push the boundaries of maximum adjectives tolerated in one sentence.
  • lit
    Engineered from smooth, brightly coloured silicone in eyebrow-raising shapes, these bongs, oil rigs and hand pipes will make you question everything you know (but we promise you’ll come out on the other side a better person).
  • retro_977
    Psychedelic swirls and glow-in-the-dark finishes highlight this nostalgic line of bongs. They’re the perfect water pipes for old-school connoisseurs or new schoolers who wish they’d been alive during the grooviest of times.
  • irie_900
    The iRie™ collection is perfect for those days you want to breathe in deeply, close your eyes and imagine steel drums playing softly in the distance while warm sand squishes between your toes (just don’t ask how the sand got there).
  • wcg_website_brand_vaporizer_rockit-1
    Feast your eyes on our carefully curated vaporizers and vaporizing accessories from some of the most highly rated and sophisticated brands. Put that in your vape and… vape it? We’re still figuring that part out.


Looking for a career in the fast growing cannabis industry? Check out our current job openings below.

Order Picker (Warehouse)

Posted: Nov 10

Cannabis markets are quickly growing in Canada and world-wide. This is a tremendous opportunity to join the largest distributor of award-winning delivery devices for the cannabis connoisseur as we build upon our established brands.

Since 2003, West Coast Gifts has provided its retail customers with the largest selection of cannabis accessories at competitive prices with speedy shipping and superior customer service. We are the exclusive designer, manufacturer and distributor of some of the most recognized brands in the industry, including: Red Eye Glass, GEAR Premium, Cheech & Chong Glass, Red Eye Tek, LIT Silicone, iRie and Retro Glass.

We are currently looking for Order Pickers to join us in our expanding Warehouse team.

The Role:
Order pickers are responsible for filling customer orders and delivering them to the delivery dock in a manner that meets company standards for safety, security and productivity, to ensure accurate and timely delivery of products.

In this job you will:

– Receive and check incoming pick tickets to make sure orders are picked accurately and in a timely manner
– Restock Inventory manually or using a lift picker
– Keep records of damaged or broken stock, to ensure accurate information is available at all times
– Locate product using scanner technology
– Maintain a safe working environment, adhering to all relevant OHS regulations and company guidelines
– Ship out orders, utilizing various shipping companies software solutions.
– Maintain the warehouse space clean and organized, maintain equipment and report on any malfunctions.

Education, Skills and Experience:
– High School Diploma or above
– Previous experience working in a warehouse/supply chain environment
– Able to read and write in English
– Good organizational and time management skills with strong attention to detail
– Ability to meet tight deadlines and confidently work in a fast-passed environment
– Good physical strength and stamina, able to lift and carry over short distances 50-75lbs, and to stand for prolonged periods of time.
– Good math skills and general computer skills, including vendor specialized shipping software solutions, such as Canpar, FedEx software, etc.
– Or equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job.
– Knowledge of industry and Company products will be considered a strong advantage

If you think we could be a good match, apply now by sending your resume to hr@westcoastgifts.ca, and tell us why!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!