2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, we’ve got the perfect selection of seasonal smoking accessories for your holiday haul.

‘Tis the season to stock up with limited holiday releases, exclusive promotions, and more!

Find festive favourites with water pipes, hand pipes, vaporizers, and lots of other seasonal smokables. Explore the full collection on our website using the button below.

Red Eye Glass®

15″ Sapphire Blue Winter Wonderland Beaker Base Water Pipe

Later on, we’ll get higher, as we light up by the fire. A beautiful sight, fresh ground flower alight, we’re toking in a Winter Wonderland. Enjoy a festive sesh with the Winter Wonderland Beaker Base Water Pipe from Red Eye Glass®. Made of 100% borosilicate glass with a matching sapphire blue downstem and pull-out.

Red Eye Glass®

8.5″ Sapphire Blue Winter Wonderland Concentrate Rig

The torch hums, are you listening? In the air, clouds are glistening. A beautiful sight, we’re dabbing tonight, seshing in a Winter Wonderland. Enjoy your holiday concentrate with the Winter Wonderland Concentrate Rig from Red Eye Glass®. Made of 100% borosilicate glass with a quartz banger included.


5.5″ Snowman Pipe

There’s snow reason not to love this adorable ceramic snowman. His rosy red cheeks and green scarf are spreading winter cheer, but the true spirit of the holiday season is packed into the bowl at the front of the pipe. Happy holidays celebrating a smoky Festivus for the rest of us!


5.5″ Santa Pipe

He sees you when you’re smoking, he knows when you’re baked. He knows if you skip the joint rotation, so don’t for goodness’ sake. The Santa Pipe is made of ceramic, and if you were bad this year it’s probably filled with coal too. Bah humbug!

Smoke Odor Exterminator

13oz Candles (Limited Edition)

Explore a selection of exclusive candles from Smoke Odor Exterminator, designed to eliminate scents from cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. The enzyme-formulated candle attacks and removes smoke odors while burning for approximately 70 hours, making these fragrant candles wonderful gifts, even for non-smokers!

Smoke Odor Exterminator

7oz Sprays (Limited Edition)

Get the most out of the holiday smoking season with a range of indoor sprays. Smoke Odor Exterminator air freshener room sprays are specifically formulated to get rid of smoke odors and start working immediately! Great for use in your home, kitchen, restroom, office, car, or RV.


Plus V3 Vaporizer

The Plus is where it all begins. This award-winning, all-in-one portable dab pen has been upgraded to make it easier than ever to enjoy concentrates everywhere. The mouthpiece houses the Dart, an extendable loading tool that inserts into the ceramic chamber to give you a seamless, discreet, and flavorful experience. The 510 battery has one button, offering standard hold-to-heat, Sesh Mode, and three precision heat settings. There’s no better way to start exploring the world of concentrates.

Red Eye Glass®

4.5″ Pickle Hand Pipe

One of our best-sellers, it’s no wonder why this one’s a pretty big dill. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, this 4.5″ Red Eye Glass® Pickle Hand Pipe comes with a Red Eye Glass® Protective Neoprene Pouch for easy carrying on the go. What can we say, this one’s sure to pickle your fancy!

LIT® Silicone

4.5″ Chicken Leg Hand Pipe

Cluck cluck! Why didn’t Napoleon eat chicken legs? Because he hated defeat! Don’t worry, this LIT® Silicone hand pipe is much better than our puns. It has a removable glass bowl for easy cleaning and is made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone. Bawk, bawk, buy this hand pipe just becaws!

My Bud Vase

Valerie Water Pipe

Meet Valerie, our bell-shaped beauty who turns any event into a festive occasion. Our damsel always dresses to impress and arrives packed with pomp! She is artfully adorned with her fancy red glass bubble bowl, and red velvet hydrangea pokers accented in rhinestones. Valerie is the perfect “plus one” for your next high tea or canna-cotillion.

Red Eye Glass® x BIC®

Red Eye Glass® Lighters (Display of 50)

Fire up your flower with a premium BIC® lighter from Red Eye Glass®. Each purchase includes a display of 50 lighters.

Red Eye Glass® x BIC®

Red Eye Glass® 20th Anniversary Lighters (Display of 50)

Fire up your flower with a premium BIC® lighter from Red Eye Glass®. Each purchase includes a display of 50 lighters featuring a limited edition 20th Anniversary design.