2023 Pride Month Gift Guide

Kick off your Pride Month celebration with West Coast Gifts!

West Coast Gifts stocks a variety of accessories including mug pipes, hand pipe sets, silicone smokables, and the beautiful Rainbow Pride Collection.

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Red Eye Glass®

12″ 7mm Thick Rainbow Love Beaker Base Water Pipe

Celebrate the spirit of love with the Rainbow Love Beaker Base Water Pipe. This bong features an extra-thick 7mm design, a built-in ice catcher, and a colourful decal design on the base. Show the world that love is love and rep your rainbow pride with this colourful water pipe!

Red Eye Glass®

12″ 7mm Thick Happy Pride Beaker Base Water Pipe

Show off your rainbow spirit with the Happy Pride Beaker Base Water Pipe. This bong features an extra-thick 7mm design, a built-in ice catcher, and a colourful decal design on the base. Add a smile to every sesh with this colourful water pipe!

Red Eye Glass®

4.5″ Rainbow Love Spoon Hand Pipe

The Rainbow Love Spoon Hand Pipe includes a colourful decal design with a built-in ash catcher mouthpiece. Embrace the spirit of universal love and find these colourful 100% borosilicate smokables available now. Includes a Red Eye Glass® Protective Neoprene Pouch.

Red Eye Glass®

4.5″ Happy Pride Spoon Hand Pipe

The Happy Pride Spoon Hand Pipe is made to make you smile. Each 100% borosilicate pipe features a built-in ash catcher mouthpiece and is headlined by a colourful decal design on the front of the pipe. Includes a Red Eye Glass® Protective Neoprene Pouch.


Rainbow Leaf Mug Pipe

Rep the rainbow with a beautifully decorated smokable mug pipe. This multicoloured ceramic accessory holds approximately 11oz and features a smokable mouthpiece with an easily accessible bowl located at the front of the pipe. Microwave-friendly and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

West Coast Gifts

Rainbow Leaf Mug Pipe

Wake, bake, and drink your morning brew out of this Rainbow Leaf Mug Pipe. Each ceramic mug features a rainbow decal design and is dishwasher friendly. Load up a bowl and achieve early morning chill!

LIT™ Silicone

9″ Head Honcho Water Pipe

What else can be said about this beauty? Perfect for parties, conversation starters, and when you need a visual aid to give “the talk”. For those of us too awkward to use it with the lights on, we also have a glow-in-the-dark colour!

Red Eye Glass®

4.5” Sparkle Liquid Hand Pipe

An instant smash hit! This glittering liquid-filled hand pipe from Red Eye Glass® is the perfect pipe for those looking for a whole lotta shimmer.

Red Eye Tek®

15″ Metallic Terminator Finish Paragon Water Pipe

One look at the sparkling Paragon Water Pipe shows you why a diamond is forever. The glittering iridescent Terminator finish features an elegantly handblown diamond chamber that produces stunning refracted colours when placed in natural light. Savour the full-bodied flavour of your flower using the built-in ice catcher, and enjoy the freedom to customize your Red Eye Tek® water pipe with replacement Terminator downstems and Terminator diamond pull-outs available in all three colours (sold separately).

Red Eye Glass®

4.5″ Frosted Rainbow Spoon Hand Pipe

Somewhere over the rainbow, we got hiiigh. The Rainbow Spoon Hand Pipe from Red Eye Glass® features a throwback 70s design that keeps you flying high with every bowl. Maybe you’ll even find that pot of gold we’ve all heard so much about.

GEAR Premium®

Rainbow Honey Jar (Pack of 54)

The Rainbow Honey Jar from GEAR Premium® is the perfect solution for storing your concentrates and taking them on the go. Each jar is made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone and is dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning. Order this pack of 54 and receive an exclusive Rainbow Honey Jar Display with purchase!

Red Eye Glass®

6.75″ ‘Better Together’ Hand Pipe

Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s smoke some weed, just me and you! The Red Eye Glass® ‘Better Together’ Hand Pipe is made of colour-changing borosilicate glass with two ash catcher mouthpieces and a screen bowl for you and your better half. The Original Wedding Hand Pipe also comes in a beautifully crafted gift box with magnetic closure, making it the perfect wedding gift for your favourite stoner couple or that special someone in your life.


Crystal Voyager Pipe

One toke from the Crystal Voyager may boost your Schumann resonance to 432 Hz and vibrate you right into the fifth dimension.

Red Eye Glass®

3.75″ Hearts Hand Pipe Set (Pack of 2)

Never be far apart with the Hearts Hand Pipe Set from Red Eye Glass®. Each two-pack is made of 100% borosilicate glass and includes a collectible tin. Perfect for the canna-couple in your life!

Cheech & Chong® Glass

4” Moustache Ride Hand Pipe

Arguably one of the best moustaches in film, ever. The “Moustache Ride” hand pipe is all about Cheech Marin! Let’s face it, you’ll never have a moustache like Cheech Marin’s so you need to add this to your hand pipe collection!

LIT™ Silicone

4.25″ Love Key Hand Pipe

Find the key to anyone’s heart with the 4.25″ Love Key Hand Pipe. Made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, it comes with a keychain attachment and a removable glass bowl for easy cleaning. Unlock a new way to smoke and try one today!