Back to School 2023

Class is back in session at West Coast Gifts.

Time to go back to class and smoke some grass!

West Coast Gifts is loaded with back-to-school smoking accessories designed for college campuses and on-the-go cannabis enthusiasts. Find bongs, hand pipes, vaporizers, and more below!

GEAR Premium® x Cheech & Chong®

12″ 7mm Thick ‘My Homies’ Sidekick Water Pipe (Limited Edition of 420)

A new year means new GEAR. Go big for the back-to-school season with this exclusive collab from GEAR Premium® and the original smoking legends Cheech & Chong®!

The ‘My Homies’ Sidekick Water Pipe is individually numbered and includes the patented GEAR Premium® lighter holster design with a signed certificate of authenticity from Cheech & Chong®. Only 420 are available worldwide!

See what’s included in this limited release and speak to your Sales Specialist for more information.


The Budsy

Looking for a discreet way to smoke your stash on campus?

Budsy is a water pipe disguised as a simple water bottle, and it’s as real as it gets. When discretion is needed most, Budsy is hidden in plain sight making it a perfect companion for any adventure.

Red Eye Tek®

14mm Revolution Pull-Out

Keep the dorm room rockin’ with the patent-pending Red Eye Tek® Revolution Pull-Out.

Featuring a never-before-seen six-chambered design, the Revolution allows you to preload your smoke sesh before you even start. Simply light a chamber, inhale, and rotate to prepare for your next hit.

Become the life of every campus party with a variety of fresh strains, or load a bowl for each of your friends. Join the Revolution today!


ROCKIT X Vape Pen (510 Thread)

A 510-thread vape pen is a campus must-have, and the ROCKIT X ticks all the boxes you could be looking for.

ROCKIT X takes your vaping experience to new heights with its adjustable voltage and pre-heating functionality. Fine-tune your sessions to suit your preferences, whether you prefer smooth, flavourful clouds or robust, intense hits.


Kompact Gravity Infuser

Harness the power of a full-size Stündenglass Gravity Infuser at a fraction of the size!

The Kompact Gravity Infuser features the same patented 360° gravity system, dynamic design, and immersive experience as the original, now available in a more refined, portable size that includes a custom-fit travel case.

Coming in at just under a foot tall, the Kompact is exactly what you need to enjoy the benefits of Stündenglass in an easy-to-handle package. The smaller globes hold about two-thirds of the volume, or two cups, compared to the full size, which creates cooler and faster pulls.

LIT™ Silicone

2.25″ Donut Hand Pipe & Keychain

Small, discreet, and easy to take on the go. The LIT™ Silicone Donut Hand Pipe & Keychain is here to help you accessorize your smoking experience.

This delicious dessert is available in multiple colours and includes a keychain that allows you to take your pipe with you wherever you go. Prepare your sweet tooth!