Welcome (to) Summerland

California’s finest ceramic stonerware is finally here in Canada. Any guesses?

California’s finest ceramic stonerware is finally here in Canada. Any guesses?

We’re beyond stoked to be announcing this: West Coast Gifts is the exclusive Canadian distributor of California’s very own Summerland Ceramics. Did you know that these premium hand-made ceramic “stonerware” is proudly made in small batches in California? It’s no wonder they’ve been featured amongst many – VICE, GQ, Vogue, and  Forbes to name a few.

With the guiding principle of “Made from Earth, by hand, in California”, we can certainly predict that these bongs and pipes will be your next prized possession.

We chatted with Liam Kaczmar, the mastermind and founder himself, on all things Summerland, ceramic and then some:

How did Summerland begin?

Summerland began in San Francisco in 2011 as a side project to a dying clothing brand. We developed the Fruit Fantasy apple pipe in our shared studio space in a garment factory. At the time I was living at Haight Ashbury, which was ground zero for the hippie movement and is lined with head shops and crystal boutiques. Every walk to the grocery store was a meditation on bong design. I love glass, but rarely would I spot something that I truly vibed with. There was a glaring hole in the market for minimal pieces that worked within contemporary design aesthetics or retained a retro vibe – With Summerland I intended to fill this void, mostly just to finally have a piece I really loved.

Why the name “Summerland”?

Summerland is an idea of a place that can be transcended to through the ritual of cannabis – A breezy utopia with sunny skies, flourishing greenery, sparkling waves, and harmonious joy.

What made you want to work exclusively with West Coast Gifts?

It was apparent from the get go that West Coast Gifts understood everything Summerland is about. I felt working with West Coast Gifts exclusively would allow our wares to be more accessible to Canadians.

How is ceramic different from glass?

Well, it’s opaque – that’s the main difference, but the need to see your hit goes away after you get acquainted with the pull of a piece. Plus, the opaque nature hides the mess that builds up inside, so it’s not as embarrassing if you forget to clean your bong before your grandparents come over. It’s sturdy and less prone to breakage. It’s a less refined and more sustainable material. Glazed ceramic performs very similarly to glass – in that it gives off a “pure” smoke and is easy to clean – Glaze is glass that is melted onto the ceramic body. It also has a soulful quality in your hands, something about it feels more substantial and connected to the natural world.

What can we expect to see from Summerland in the future?

We’re working on expanding our offerings of simple, low-tech, earth-based accessories. I’ve always been interested in getting more into the territories of home goods and sustainable apparel, but smoking accessories will remain at the core of our brand.

What’s your personal favorite Summerland piece?

That is honestly a very tough question. I pull things in and out of rotation regularly and every time I come back to a different piece, it’s my new favorite. I will say, however, the Chongo bong feels so perfect in your hand and looks timeless in any location. The Land Yacht bong I love for it’s large chamber. I’ve gotten more conservative with my rips over the years, but it’s nice to fill it with smoke, let it chill for a sec and sip on it.

For any of our friends who are visiting San Francisco (post-COVID, of course), where are some hidden gems they should visit?

Louis’ Diner was a true hidden gem with the best view and the best waffles, but unfortunately COVID closed it. Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach are my stomping grounds and always perfect, even in the fog… sometimes especially in the fog. I’d say start at Haight street and acquire some goods, enter in to the park from there, taking every random and questionable path into the woods. Avoid roads with cars; bad vibes. Keep getting lost until you hit the sand and the Pacific, dip your toes in and then go get a poke burrito at Hook Fish Co and buy some handmade watercolor paints at Case For Making.

Final and most important question: go to munchies snack?

A banana goopingly covered with nut butter, with a side of more fruit if it’s available. Kombucha or a pot of tea and a tall glass of spring water.

Welcome to the West Coast Gifts squad, Summerland. Check out the assortment here and stay tuned to our Instagram page for more exciting things to come.