westcoast.gifts 101: Live Inventory

Gone are the days when your items are backordered.

Learn all about the new features of our wholesale smoking accessory shop through this series westcoast.gifts 101.

Gone are the days when your items are backordered. Our online store is fully integrated to show live inventory! Once your order is placed, inventory is committed to you – even on nights and weekends when the office is closed. Pretty sweet, right?

How It Works

Click on the smoking accessory you’re interested in and select ADD TO CART. Remember, inventory isn’t committed to you just yet. You only reserve the stock once your order is placed and you see the order confirmation page. Don’t sleep on it too long – it might become out of stock while it’s sitting in your cart!

If an item suddenly becomes out of stock in your cart, your order will not proceed until this is adjusted. All you have to do is look for the red notifications to tell you which SKUs have insufficient stock.

After you’ve adjusted the quantities, select Update Cart. If there’s 0 left, just click the X button on the right-hand side to remove the SKU from your cart.

If the item is out of stock, click the NOTIFY ME button so you get first dibs when it comes back!

For more tips and tricks, check out the other blog posts under Learn. You can also contact your Sales Specialist for assistance or reach out to our support team via live chat.