2021 Buyer’s Guide to 420

Get the best 420 deals and product suggestions from West Coast Gifts.

This guide is designed to highlight some of our favourite products that will take your 420 sale to the next level. Each product was handpicked by members of our sales staff based on factors such as popularity, quality, and pricing.

Inventory may be limited so get your orders in early!

Water Pipes

Red Eye Tek 18″ Metallic Terminator Finish Hex Tube (#K3067)

For those who prefer ‘em a little bit taller, this original collection all-star is one of our best sellers. It’s designed for the experienced consumer who also happens to enjoy showing off their impressive lung capacity.

GEAR Premium 18″ 7mm Sidekick Beaker Tube (#G574)

This GEAR Premium® Sidekick comes with a beautifully designed, patent pending built-in lighter holster, so you’ll always know where to find your fire!

This premium package also has other extras including:

• GEAR Premium T-Shirt
• GEAR Premium Lighter
• GEAR Premium Keychain
• GEAR Premium Sticker

Hand Pipes

Red Eye Glass 4.5″ Spoon Hand Pipe (#476)

The 4.5″ Spoon Hand Pipe is a West Coast Gifts classic. Choose from a variety of different colours, or speak to a West Coast Gifts sales representative about our exclusive set pricing!

Red Eye Glass Periwinkle Gandalf Hand Pipe (#3196)

The Periwinkle Gandalf Hand Pipe is perfect for those who enjoy long, smooth tokes (or those with long hair who prefer to keep their distance). Each piece is hand blown and comes in a cool shade of periwinkle blue.

Red Eye Glass 4.5″ Pickle Hand Pipe (#2516)

One of our best-sellers, it’s no wonder why this one’s a pretty big dill. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, this 4.5″ Red Eye Glass Pickle Hand Pipe comes with a protective neoprene pouch for easy carrying on-the-go. What can we say, this one’s sure to pickle your fancy!

Concentrate Rigs

Red Eye Tek 8.5″ Metallic Terminator Finish Aorta Concentrate Recycler (#K3086)

This meticulously designed contraption should be the 9th wonder of the world with its beautiful curves reminiscent of your cardiovascular system and really, it’s just as sophisticated because it features a matrix perc for optimal filtration.

GEAR Premium 7.5″ Swiss Globe Concentrate Bubbler (#G5048)

The Swiss Globe Concentrate Bubbler offers an elevated smoking experience. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, this piece includes a UFO perc and a GEAR Premium® quartz banger.

Red Eye Glass 6.75″ Equalizer Concentrate Rig (#2375)

The Equalizer Concentrate Rig from Red Eye Glass® is proof that good things come in small packages. The Equalizer is available in several distinctive colours and can be purchased either individually or as a set. Speak to your West Coast Gifts sales representative to learn more!


Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer (#TV722)

The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology. For the beginner, it’s the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you’re looking for.


LIT Silicone Hand Pipe (#TS102)

A hand pipe for the adventure seeker. Made of BPA-free, food safe silicone, this LIT Silicone Hand Pipe is the perfect grab n go. Not only is it indestructible and pocket-sized, it includes a silicone lid to keep things fresh and clean. Never fear breaking another hand pipe ever again.

LIT Silicone 8.75″ Skull Base Water Pipe (#TS132)

As deadly as your strain. Not only is this 8.5″ Skull Water Pipe made from BPA-free, food safe, dishwasher safe silicone, it also includes a pull-out that’s 100% borosilicate glass. Grab this unbreakable piece today.

LIT Silicone 8.25″ Lava Lamp Water Pipe (#TS135)

We’re taking it back to the 60s & 70s with this one. Made from BPA-free, food safe, dishwasher safe silicone, this 8.25″ Lava Lamp Water Pipe includes a pull-out that’s 100% borosilicate glass. You’re sure to lava this pipe as much as we do!

Smoking Accessories

GEAR Premium 1-Minute Instant Cleaner (#GEARC)

Keep your GEAR Premium® glass clean like fresh white kicks at the beginning of summer. Use it religiously every Sunday, daily if you want to maintain that fresh bong smell, or just for when company’s coming and you don’t want them to know you only put pants on for the occasion.

Red Eye Glass Instant Cleaner (#REDC)

Shake the bottle to make sure the abrasives are suspended in the liquid. Pour the desired amount into your bong. Do not add water. Shake vigorously until clean. Rinse thoroughly with water. Alternatively, you can place small items like hand pipes, pull-outs & downstems in a zip-lock bag. Soak for 5 minutes and then shake vigorously until clean. Rinse thoroughly with water.

GEAR Premium 14mm Thumper Cone Pull-Out (#G96)

This one small accessory has so many great things going for it, your mom’s gonna start bragging about it at book club. Durable glass construction, comfortable grip, and colours for every day of the week (plus one). Just get one of these thumper cone pull-outs (or a few) and make mom proud, ok? Available in a variety of colours.

GEAR Premium Skilletools Master Kit (#G1000)

The perfect item for your serious concentrate smoker. The GEAR Premium Skilletools Master Kit includes 6 different tools for all of your concentrate needs!

GEAR Premium Skilletools Honey Bun (#G1004)

The HoneyBun is a premium, gold finish double sided dab tool from Skillet Tools. This versatile tool is a quality dab tool featuring a pointed tip on one side of the tool and a round scoop tip on the other end.

Best Value

7Pipe Twisty Mini Combo Kit (#TX645)

Everything you need for the most mind-blowing experience is here. With all the same ground breaking innovations and product features as our Twisty™ Glass, the Twisty™ Glass Mini has a 50% smaller cherry for a smooth gentle hit. The smaller size makes it perfect for personal use. The five chambers hold up to .5 grams, giving you fresh hits all day long. The Twisty™ Glass Mini is the newest member of the Twisty family. Not only will you receive our newest innovation, the Twisty™ Glass Mini. You will receive 2 extra Mini Glass Tubes to make storing loose leaf a breeze! Our new funnel helps load your Twisty in seconds! Best part of all, the carrying case gives you peace of mind knowing your valuables will be secure and protected all in one place!

Novelty Items

LIT Silicone 9″ Head Honcho Water Pipe (#TS120)

What else can be said about this beauty? Perfect for parties, conversation starters, and when you need a visual aid to give “the talk”. For those of us too awkward to use it with the lights on, we also have a glow-in-the-dark colour!

Moose Labs MouthPeace Starter Kit – 10 Pieces (#TX555)

Because smoking cannabis is a sharing experience, we pass joints, pipes, and bongs that have touched the lips of countless friends and strangers. To be honest that whole sharing thing can be kind of gross and that’s why Moose Labs came up with the MouthPeace. The MouthPeace is a filter and personal mouthpiece for pipes and bongs. You even stick a blunt in if it’s fat enough. The Moose MouthPeace bong filter has a carbon filter disc on the inside that is replaceable. It reduces harshness and filters out a bunch of those gross combustibles that taste so bad and you don’t want going into your lungs. Besides filtering, the MouthPeace covers the top of a pipe so you can use it instead of the germ covered surface that your friend just put their lips on.

Colour Changing

GEAR Premium 21″ Dome Perc Double Bubble Tube (#G292CC)

This 21″ Tall GEAR Premium Dual Chamber Double Bubble Tube is ready for the big time! Equipped with a dome perc, restriction ice pinch, comfortable rounded mouthpiece and that classic ‘Thumper’ pull-out, this piece will satisfy even the heaviest of hitters. Top it off with 24K gold logos for a clean, high-end look and feel.

GEAR Premium 14″ Beaker Tube (#G23CC)

This 14″ Tall GEAR Premium beaker tube is adorned with a comfortable rounded mouthpiece, ice pinches and that classic GEAR Premium ‘Thumper’ pull-out. Top it off with 24K gold logos for a clean, high-end look and feel.

GEAR Premium 32″ Tuxedo Sultan Beaker Tube (#G557CC)

Like emperors, monarchs and kings, ‘The Sultan’ by GEAR Premium is designed to rule with an iron fist. At 32″ tall, with 3 precision cut bell percs and colour changing effects throughout, this larger than life water pipe is sure to strike fear in the hearts of all who lay eyes on it. Bow down and pay respect to ‘The Sultan’!

Storage Containers

West Coast Gifts Vintage Bus Flower Power Ceramic Stash Jar (#JAR785FP)

Complete the set by buying a stash jar to match your pipe! The Vintage Bus Flower Power Ceramic Stash Jar offers a nostalgic method of storing your precious flower.

GEAR Premium Rainbow Honey Jar – Jug of 54 (#TS55)

The Rainbow Honey Jar from GEAR Premium includes 54 individual silicone containers. These small containers are BPA free and perfect for storing your concentrate. Each jug also contains a variety of colours to choose from!


Summerland Chongo Bong (#SML110)

The original all-ceramic bong. The definition of a classic. As familiar as a well-worn poncho keeping you warm at the bonfire, the Chongo is simply timeless. This “stonerware” is designed by the ritual of connecting with nature; each piece is built from the Earth itself. Form, function, and sustainability are equivalent to Summerland and they create every object with this idea in mind.


West Coast Gifts is incredibly proud of our customers and what they have achieved in the past few years. Whether the challenge is legalization or a global pandemic, you’ve been able to go above and beyond to deliver smoking accessories to customers all around the world. We thank you for your efforts and appreciate all of your hard work!

You can view our full selection of products at shop.westcoastgifts.ca, and if you have any questions please contact a member of our sales team for assistance.

We look forward to continue growing together in the future and wish all of you a happy 420 celebration!