2021 Stoner Valentine’s Gift Guide

Only the best for your stoner sweetie.

Hearts all over the world tonight! Show that special someone how special they really are with these awesome gift ideas. From water pipes to jars, there’s surely something on this list that will please your stoner sweetie.

Red Eye Glass 4.5” Rosey Hand Pipe (#447)

It’s hard not to fall in love with fellow Ms. Rosey here. Beautiful, intricate, made of 100% borosilicate glass… and you can smoke actual flower from it! No wonder bouquets aren’t for everyone.

Red Eye Glass 14mm/19mm Rose Pull-out (#16-GG, #17-GG)

Prefer smoking out of bongs? Don’t worry, give the gift of an everlasting rose with this bowl. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, it comes in two sizes (14mm or 19mm) and is a pull-out and downstem all-in-one. Talk about fancy, eh?

Red Eye Glass 6.75″ ‘Better Together’ Hand Pipe (#3203CC)

Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s smoke some weed, just me and you. …Now made possible with the Red Eye Glass ‘Better Together’ AKA The Original Wedding Hand Pipe! 6.75″ long and made of 100% borosilicate glass, it’s colour changing and has two ash catcher mouthpieces and a screen bowl for you and your better half. Plus it comes in a beautifully crafted gift box with magnetic closure – the perfect wedding gift for your favorite stoner couple or simply that special someone in your life.

Stoner Mom Mug Pipe (#TX501)

Stoner Dad Mug Pipe (#TX509)

Can’t forget your first lady/man on Valentine’s day – your mom/dad! Gift them the perfect kickstart to their mornings with this Stoner Mom/Dad Mug Pipe.

Stoner Girl Mug Pipe (#TX502)

Stoner Girl Ceramic Stash Jar (#JAR780)

Is your girl loud and proud about her stoner self? Then these gifts are perfect for her! Made of ceramic, the mug pipe will surely fulfill her wake n bake mornings while her stash is kept safe with the stash jar when she’s out and about.

Red Eye Glass Opal Pink Gandalf Hand Pipe (#3185)

Smoke like a wizard (but still look pretty in pink!) with this Red Eye Glass Gandalf Hand Pipe. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, it has an iconic shape that is sure to turn heads and a wide bowl that makes it perfect for sharing or multiple hits.

LIT Silicone 9” or 6” Head Honcho Water Pipe (#TS120, TS126)

Don’t beat around the bush with a d*ck pic. Get right into it with a d*ck bong. Go big or go home after all!

Boob Mug Pipe (#TX505)

Six Pack Ceramic Mug Pipe (#TX511)

Scream “your body is a wonderland” with these ceramic mug pipes!

My Bud Vase Aurora Water Pipe (#MBV100)

My Bud Vase Rachel Water Pipe (#MBV120)

My Bud Vase Monica Water Pipe (#MBV121)

Looking for something a little more sophisticated? My Bud Vase has got your back with these 3 beautiful water pipes. They’re so pretty you’ll surely want to keep them in pristine condition! Plus they come with toker poker flowers – you hit two birds with one stone.

Rose Crystal Gemstone Pipe (#T194)

Your partner loves all things crystals? Then they absolutely cannot go on with life without this beauty. With a bowl so big, you’ll surely get all the hits (and spiritual energy) you desire.

Red Eye Glass 4.5” Sparkle Liquid Hand Pipe (#3147)

An instant smash hit! This glitter liquid filled hand pipe is the perfect pipe for your loved one looking for a piece a whole lotta shimmer.

Happy Valentine’s day from the West Coast Gifts team! A friendly reminder that YOU ARE LOVED and to use protection. 😉