How to Choose the Best Hand Pipe For You

We gotchu bud!

So you want to buy a hand pipe. First, let us congratulate you on this excellent life decision. Second, we want to help make sure you have the absolute best hand pipe buying experience possible, so we’re going to give you some tips.

Buying a hand pipe isn’t quite as simple as seeing a design you like and making a purchase. That is part of it, but there are many other factors to consider. Here’s what you should think about when shopping online or in-store to find your next little hand-held pal.

Where Will You Be Using Your Hand Pipe?

If you plan to mainly consume your cannabis outside your home, you’ll want a portable hand pipe—one that’s smaller in size, fits nicely into your pocket or bag, and doesn’t have too many extraneous parts. One-hitters are great for portability because they’re designed for taking a quick hit when you’re on the go, and there are many other small, portable hand pipes to choose from.

You should also make sure the pipe is made of a durable material if you’re going to be transporting it a lot. Not all glass pipes are created equal, so look for 100% borosilicate glass, which is the most durable. Silicone pipes are also long-lasting and lightweight, making them perfect for travelling. Be sure to check out our post on cannabis accessories for people who are on the go!

If you’re going to be consuming your cannabis mainly in the comfort of your home, portability isn’t as much of an issue, so you can look for designs that are more intricate or larger in size.

What Smoking Experience Are You Looking For?

Longer pipes—or pipes that have a greater distance between the bowl and the mouthpiece—offer a smoother smoking experience than shorter pipes because the smoke travels a greater distance from the flame to your mouth. Some people like to feel the burn of the smoke, while others (beginners, for example) are looking for a gentler smoking experience.

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How Much Cannabis Will You Be Smoking?

The size of the bowl is another important thing to consider when selecting a hand pipe. If you plan to smoke a lot of cannabis in each session, look for a bigger bowl so you don’t have to refill it over and over again. If you just want a couple of hits here and there, a one-hitter does the trick just fine. One-hitters are very small hand pipes that have small bowls—usually just big enough for one or two hits.

If you’re looking for something a little more discreet our friends at Dynavap have created a battery-free vape option that is discreet with a futuristic design.

Artistry or Function?

Some hand pipes are designed strictly for function, and others are more like pieces of art, especially when you get into intricate glass-blowing techniques. This is not to say that beautifully designed pipes don’t work as well, or that highly functional pipes don’t look nice too, but sometimes aesthetic embellishments can interfere with the function of a pipe. More intricate pipe designs can also be harder to clean.

If you fancy yourself more of an art collector than someone looking for a no-nonsense pipe that gets the job done, then by all means, seek out the artistic pieces. Just be sure that they also do what you need them to do.

What is Your Budget?

Hand pipes are out there for all tastes and budgets, and you can even find some high-quality ones on sale if you keep your eyes open. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask an expert at your local cannabis accessory store. They can help you find the perfect hand pipe for your needs and within the right price range. Keep in mind that one-of-a-kind and limited-run artistic pieces are usually more expensive than your standard hand pipes. The bottom line is that you’ll get the most bang for your buck with a durable, portable hand pipe made from high-quality materials.

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